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Architectural Detail Group, inc. Welcome to Architectural Detail Group, Inc We are a collaborative group enhancing the built environment through positive relationships. The Team here has three generations of manufacturing experience with Decorative Lighting, Furnishings, Furniture, Architectural Ornamentation and Great Quality Customer Service. The team has manufactured for some of the world’s finest Homes, Hotels, Resorts & Institutions. The team has been the predominate design force in the lighting industry with the award winning leadership of Gerald D. Olesker and the award winning team at ADG Eco Lighting. Our Collaborative Group’s Team has designed and penned lighting for top architects. Designing and manu- facturing for forty-two projects for the acclaimed Landry Design Group, we have worked on projects for Robert M Stern, Bellagio Hotel, Lupo’s -Wolf Gang Puck. Multi Discipline firms like KAA use our talents and we Top the charts with our CEO being the only lighting designer to have completed twenty-two projects in the renowned Beverly Park. And for the small home; Newport Beach Cottages to Martha’s Vineyard. WHO are we; We are the Greatest Lighting Team and Manufacturers you will meet. . ADG Eco Lighting Products. Architectural Detail Group, Inc ADG Lighting & ADG Iron-works Gerald Olesker Signature Series Past Licensee of; Hearst Castle Collection of Decorative Lighting & Iron NPD Lanterns New Providence Lanterns Private label for the most exclusive Melrose to NY Showrooms WHY this Designlog and not a catalog. . 2 Enjoy this selection of 300+ of our Hand Made Order Designs. Customize and change any fixture to meet you or your clients’ exclusive tastes. Redesign our pieces to meet your budgets. Order anything the way you see it. Enjoy a legacy of artisanship and well made pieces. Keep coming back Hotel and Contract, Residential and Resort or Fashion Centers all have collaborated with our team. You will too when you meet us. Thousands of Projects completed all over the Globe - Fixtures Made in America Cage: 59TA1 Duns:198358579 NAICS: 335129, 331724, 541420 FSC: 5975, 6210, 6240 3
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